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Irish Linen Apparel 

Traditional Irish linen is renowned the world over as the finest quality linen. Bridie Mullin Irish Linen apparel, is designed and made in the North West of Ireland using only 100% Irish linen, which is obtained from the flax plant.
As a natural fibre, Linen will keep the body cool, drape well and launder to a pristine finish.
From fibre to finished garment every effort is made to address ethical, environmental and sustainable issues.

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Irish Linen Collection

The eponymous label, Bridie Mullin Ltd, brings to market a collection of up-market women’s clothing for the 30+ customer, in high quality Irish linen, designed and made in Ireland to exacting standards.  The collection is marketed and sold internationally.  The proprietor, Bridie Mullin is a highly qualified professional with over 20 years’ experience in the textile and design sector as a teacher and freelance designer. 

The key selling points of the products are quality linen which is eco-friendly and sustainable, offering style and sophistication for the discerning more affluent customer.  The label is synonymous with strong geometric lines and attention to detail designed to make the wearer feel and look good. Marketing and PR combines traditional, promotional and digital methods.

Linen is a highly durable fabric obtained from the flax plant.  It is stronger when wet thus allowing it to be washed repeatedly.  The inherent qualities of linen mean that it will keep the wearer cool in hot climatic conditions.  Unlike many crops, the Flax plant does not require pesticides during the growing season.  The nodes along the length of the fibre allow it to draw moisture from the body.

This is a collection of high quality apparel, designed, and made in Ireland from locally sourced linen.


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