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Chartered Accountant

At Dawn McLaughlin & Co Chartered Accountants, our accounting services go beyond providing financial statements and tax returns. We also work with you, asking the right questions to set the path for you and your business to achieve your financial goals.

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Dawn McLaughlin





The dedicated team at Dawn McLaughlin & Co provide a unique support service, working to resolve your business issues & helping you & your business prosper.

Specialising in small & medium size companies & individually owned businesses the firm of Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors was established by Dawn in 2005. Her diversified portfolio of clients & years of business experience has provided a wealth of knowledge over a wide range of Industry & Service Sectors & Dawn takes great pleasure in using this to assist & guide her clients & other businesses.

What sets Dawn McLaughlin & Co apart is the personal attention you enjoy from the hands-on team approach. Dawn, Leanne & Conor work to maximise your experience & bring benefit to your business. John, Simon & Michael provide the administrative & marketing support.

You’ll find they are easy to talk to, easy to understand, easy to work with. Your calls are returned promptly & meetings are held wherever convenient for you—at our office, at your workplace, in your home. You gain a real connection that yields real value.


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