Cash Flow The first sign things are going wrong is a constant lack of case.  The old adage that cash is king exists for a reason.  All businesses suffer periodic dips where cash is tight.  But if cash flow is continually a problem, the business is in trouble.  If a business is continually spending more […]

As many advice books and gurus will tell you, networking is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in business. Below, five reasons why building a strong network is beneficial for anyone at any stage of their career. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW TO LEARN For those starting out in their […]

Business should be fun, and so we are delighted to deliver, what has now become a regular event for Derry City & Strabane’s annual Enterprise enterprise week. The event brings a welcome fun element to the week. So why not come along and test your Entrepreneurial knowledge against your business peers! Its a fun night […]

In the current economic environment, businesses are demanding more and more of their managers. Here are some tips to help you to become a more effective manager.   1. DELEGATE The best managers are those that step back and let their team do their job without standing over the shoulders. You can’t do everything yourself. […]

Are you one of the 1.8 million business employer who need to offer an auto-enrolment pension scheme in 2017, if so this event is a must for you.At this stage you should have considered the following: How does this affect you and your business Choosing a pension scheme Which employees need to be automatically enrolled […]

This coming Tuesday morning at the Northwest Science Park, L’Derry, we are delighted to welcome Niamh Houston to speak at our weekly Business Network event. Niamh, also known by her stage name Chipzel, is a BAFTA nominated and award winning independent composer from Northern Ireland. In 2015, Houston received the Best Music award in XBLA […]

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