Pension Auto-enrolment – are you ready?

Are you one of the 1.8 million business employer who need to offer an auto-enrolment pension scheme in 2017, if so this event is a must for you.At this stage you should have considered the following:

  • How does this affect you and your business
  • Choosing a pension scheme
  • Which employees need to be automatically enrolled
  • Communicating to your staff how auto-enrolment will affect them
  • Postponement and opt in/out
  • What software will you need to use to automate the process
  • Will you need help with processing

Iain Ferguson, Workers Pension Trust will provide an overview of Auto-enrolment and outline the 7 key steps to compliance.


Name – Iain Ferguson
Role – Business Development Manager, Workers Pension Trust.

The team behind Workers Pension Trust have operated a multi-employer pension scheme for the local construction industry since 1982.

Workers Pension Trust was launched specifically to provide an auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland employers across all sectors of commerce and industry, and operates alongside the existing construction scheme.

To date we have provided an auto-enrolment solution for 2,200 businesses and 33,000 of their employees.
We pride ourselves in providing a local solution for local employers.


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